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Memorial Services, Funerals, Celebrations of Life

The end of life for someone you hold dear is often a trying time. Dennis Peters and Sherry Hagen are available to work with you to create a memorial service that honors your loved one. Contact Dennis or Sherry below to start the process.

Sherry Hagen

A life passes on; we can mark the occasion in a way that has meaning to you. It can be a time of celebrating that life, a time that has meaning to you and your family. I would be honored to design an event that will be remembered throughout time. Contact Sherry at

Dennis Peters.png

Dennis Peters

I currently serve as a part-time minister for the Unitarian Society of Menomonie.  My theological training provided me a Masters in Religious Leadership with a focus on Interfaith Chaplaincy. I have been honored to work with families to perform celebrations of life, honoring the family member who has passed on. I will always strive to help family and friends honor their loved one in ways most meaningful to them.  Contact Dennis at

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