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Services & Events

Services are held each Sunday and begin at 10 a.m. 

  • Services cover a wide variety of topics related to the values of the Unitarian Universalist Association. Childcare and religious education is always available for children and youth. Coffee hour follows each service, providing us with an opportunity for fellowship and socialization as we discuss the topic of the day, or other issues on members’ minds. Summer services vary. They are less formal, and include a social aspect, so be sure to review this page to know what is happening each week.

  • Book Discussions: These discussions usually take place September to May, focusing on a non-fiction book dealing with a contemporary social action topic such as climate change, racism, or economic inequities.

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July 2024 Services and Events

July 7 – Mini Concert w/Jason Dea West


Dea West is an indie singer and songwriter who draws comparisons to Woody Guthrie. You may remember his past presentations for USM. Visit his website at

July 14 – Service with Dennis Peters, “Humanism: the Action Side of UU”

Let’s take a look at where Humanism fits in our lives. It’s been around for 100 years or more as a part of Unitarian Universalism. Questions that we might ask: Am I a humanist? Can I be a humanist and still have religious beliefs? Can I be a humanist with no religious beliefs? Let’s explore it together.

July 14 – Board Meeting after the Service

July 21 – Mini Concert w/Sarah Ohr


Ohr is a professional harpist living in Eau Claire. She performs a wide range of music styles. Follow her at

July 28 – Service with Dennis Peters, “Hummingbird”


When you look in the dictionary under the word “feisty,” there could or should very well be a picture of a hummingbird. This little bird can be fearless. You can be weeding in the flowerbed, and suddenly find yourself nose-to-nose with the little critter. Their wings are moving so fast that they generate a vibration like a giant bumblebee. And just as suddenly, it’s gone, and you’re thinking, “No, Wait, Come back!” It’s a day for metaphors. Let’s talk about hummingbirds!


August 4 – Devil’s Punchbowl & Potluck Picnic


After Devil’s Punchbowl, we’ll head to Riverside Park for our potluck. If the weather is inclement that day, we’ll meet at our church for the potluck.

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