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Baby/Child Dedications & Blessings

A new baby has become part of your family?  A child has been adopted? You would like to have a naming ceremony performed? Dennis Peters, or Sherry Hagen would love to help you plan a ceremony to honor and welcome your loved one. These are typically done during a regular Sunday service, held the second and fourth Sundays of each month.

Please contact one below to start the process:

Dennis Peters.png

Dennis Peters

I joined the Unitarian Society of Menomonie in 2010. I began working on a Master’s degree (Master of Arts Religious Leadership, with emphasis in Interfaith Chaplaincy) in 2015, and graduated in spring of 2019.

I have led services and provided the message at USM and several other UU communities, as well as Congregational churches. Additionally, I have led life celebrations, and play trumpet or sing at a variety of events. I can be seen regularly here at USM accompanied by Lily, a golden retriever of impeccable character.

I am happy to work with you to provide a dedication ceremony for your family member (or you!) that says exactly what you want those around you to understand most!  Contact Dennis at

Sherry Hagen

A new life comes into your life, your child is transitioning to Adulthood; you are becoming an elder. Let me help you recognize them with celebration or contemplation. As we transition through stages of our lives, there are times of contemplation or celebration. These are events to be embraced, acknowledged and celebrated. I would be honored to help you design a ceremony that addresses what you need. This can be done as part of a regular UU service. Contact Sherry at

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